Closed 13 Dec 2019

Opened 15 Nov 2019


A survey of what NaDIA data items are available electronically from hospital systems

Why We Are Consulting

We are looking forwards to how we could run the NaDIA collection in the future with a view to reducing the burden on clinical teams and improving coverage and data quality. One suggestion has been to collect the data directly from electronic patient records (EPR) or other electronic systems that already capture the data as part of routine patient care. With this in mind, the NaDIA team want to know where each service is with doing just this, so we can see when it might be feasible to do some piloting in this area.

From the 2017 NaDIA collection you identified that you have EPR and/or electronic patient monitoring in your trust, so on the attached list of the current dataset (used for the 2019 collection) we would like you to just tick yes or no, if you currently collect data electronically as part of routine patient care that would answer the audit questions. There is a spreadsheet of all the questions attached for you to complete.


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