General Practice Data Hub Feedback

Closed 19 May 2017

Opened 13 Apr 2017


This survey is for any user or interested party who wants to provide feedback and help shape the development of the General Practice Data Hub.

Why We Are Consulting

Feedback regarding the design, features and accessibility of the data is appreciated.

We would ask that you give us honest and open feedback to enable us to improve and to plan future releases.

What Happens Next

Thank you to all respondents for the feedback received.

The information, views and suggestions that have provided will now integrated into the development work for future releases.


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  • Clinical Commissioning Groups
  • Acute Care
  • Community Care
  • Secondary Care
  • Ambulance Services
  • Out of Hours Services
  • Social Care
  • Secondary Use Organisations
  • Voluntary Sector Organisations
  • All Secondary Healthcare Providers
  • NHS England Commissioning Teams
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  • Informatics
  • Commissioning
  • Workforce
  • Data Dissemination
  • Data Releases
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  • Commissioning
  • Information Sharing
  • Customer Satisfaction