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  • SCR in Community Pharmacy – Acceptable Use Agreement

    Completion of the agreement confirms the pharmacy contractor and relevant members of their team at the pharmacy (site) have undertaken the actions required prior to accessing SCR (detailed below) and agree to comply with the ongoing requirements (detailed below) for access to the SCR application. More
    Closes 30 June 2024
  • An Introduction to Digital Clinical Safety

    This is an Introdcution to Digital Clinical Safety. The course should provide an oveview of what digital clinical safety is and why its matters in your role. This questionnaire requests feeback on the e-learning. More
    Closes 27 February 2025
  • e-learning feedback

    Feedback on e-learning. More
    Closes 7 March 2025
  • Clinical Safety Community of Interest (CSCOI) Feedback1

    The Clinical Safety Community of Interest course is designed to provide Health and Social Care Organisations and manufacturers the opportunity to network, share best practice and refresh knowledge on Clinical Risk Management within Health IT. More
    Closes 29 August 2025
  • Digital Clinical Safety Clinics

    This form is to help get the most out of the Digital Clinical Safety Clinics. More
    Closes 30 November 2030
  • Digital Clinical Safety- follow up feedback

    This survey is to understand how the learning from our courses is being used in practice. We would also like to see if there are any gaps or areas for improvement. More
    Closes 29 June 2035
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