Health Survey for England Publications User Feedback Survey

Closed 20 Jul 2018

Opened 27 Apr 2018


The Health Survey for England (HSE)  is a series of surveys designed to monitor trends in the nation's health; estimating the proportion of people in England who have specified health conditions, and the prevalence of risk factors and behaviours associated with these conditions.

The publications frequently report statistics about overweight and obesity, smoking, alcohol,  general health, long-standing illness, fruit and vegetable consumption, blood pressure/hypertension, the prevalence of diabetes and social care. There are more topics  than can be covered in the publication or survey each year, so some other topics, such as physical activity, cardio-vascular disease, kidney disease, use of prescribed medicines are reported less often, e.g. at 3 to 6 year intervals.




Why your views matter

NHS Digital is carrying out this feedback survey to ask for your views about the HSE statistical publications and the website showing highlights and time series charts. 

We would like your views on whether some proposed changes to the publication would be helpful to you.  Your answers will help inform the design of future publications and help us meet users' needs.


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