Smoking, Drinking and Drug Use Among Young People in England: Consultation

Closed 31 Jan 2018

Opened 5 Dec 2017

Results Updated 10 May 2018

Thank you to all respondents, the results of the consultation are now available at the links below.



The Smoking, Drinking and Drug Use Among Young People in England (SDD) survey is designed to monitor smoking, drinking and drug use among secondary school pupils aged 11 to 15.

SDD runs on a biannual basis and each survey includes a core section of questions covering the following:

  • pupils’ experience of smoking, drinking and drug use;
  • consumption of cigarettes and alcoholic drinks in the last week; and
  • awareness and availability of specific named drugs.

More detailed questions were also asked but the sample was split in two in order to make it possible for pupils to complete the questionnaire in one school period. Half the pupils were asked additional questions on smoking and drinking and the other half were asked additional questions on drug use. The additional questions included:

  • where pupils get cigarettes, alcohol and drugs;
  • attitudes of pupils and their families to smoking, drinking and drug taking;
  • sources of information about smoking, drinking and drug taking;
  • exposure to second-hand smoke;
  • where and with whom pupils drink;
  • experience of drunkenness; and
  • types of drugs taken.


Why We Are Consulting

NHS Digital is undertaking this consultation to find out if there are any improvements that can be made to the SDD survey and to support the design of future surveys. We are currently reviewing the content of the survey and are consulting with users to ensure the survey continues to be relevant and to meet users’ needs.

Your views will help determine what information on smoking, drinking and drug use amongst young people is collected through this survey in the future and how it is reported.

Organisations or user groups who wish to submit a combined response may like to use the word document available in the “Related" section below to share their thoughts before submitting a combined response via the online survey.

What Happens Next

The responses have been analysed and the findings are available above.


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