Review of Overseas Visitors definitions

Closed 18 Oct 2013

Opened 20 Sep 2013

Results updated 22 Oct 2013

Based on the responses received through this consultation, , the following items will be retained in the NHS Data Model and Dictionary:


The remaining definitions in the consultation will be retired, and the changes published in a future Data Dictionary Change Notice.


The NHS Data Model and Dictionary includes definitions to support the reporting of the provision of healthcare for overseas visitors.

Following publication of the new guidance “EU cross border healthcare: information for commissioners (July 2013)”, the NHS Data Model and Dictionary Service are reviewing the items relating to overseas visitors in the NHS Data Model and Dictionary.

A number of these items are out of date, and / or are not used in any data set within the NHS Data Model and Dictionary.

Further actions for the NHS Data Model and Dictionary are as follows:

  • Where items are used by local collections, they will be retained and updated to reflect current policy
  • Where items are not in use by existing national and local collections, they will be retired.


This consultation invites users to comment on the items to establish whether they are in use locally and are therefore still required in the NHS Data Model and Dictionary for reference.

To participate in this consultation:

  • Please refer to the document Overseas_Visitors_Consultation_Exercise.xls in the Related Documents section below to access the links to the items marked for retirement.
  • Once these items have been accessed and checked, please respond to the online survey to confirm whether the definitions are currently in use locally or are no longer required.


The NHS Data Model and Dictionary Service will analyse the responses to determine if any items can be retired.


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