DSC training and development feedback

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Closes 3 Jan 2020

About you and the course / training

1. What training have you taken part in?
2. Date of course:
3. Location of course:
4. Please rate the following with 1 being low or poor and 5 being high or good (or NA)
The scope of the content covered
The relevance of the content in relation to the subject
The quality of training/teaching
The quality of support materials provided
The training venue (where applicable)
Usefulness of the course/training in improving your security knowledge
The level to which the course/training fulfilled your expectations
5. If asked to carry out studies or tasks outside the actual course/training was it easy for you to accommodate that?
6. If there is an exam or test to take at the end of the course/training or module(s) at what stage are you at?
7. Is there anything that could have been done to improve the course? Please tell us below: