Windows 2008 Server Support

Closed 31 Dec 2019

Opened 9 Dec 2019


NHSX and NHS Digital have been contacted by a number of NHS organisations seeking assistance in putting in place best-value arrangements for extended support for Windows 2008 Server after free support ends for this product on 14th January 2020.  Although managing the risk of unsupported systems remains the responsibility of local organisations, we are considering whether NHS Digital and NHSX can support organisations in fulfilling this duty with regards to Windows Server 2008.

In order to decide whether any central action should be recommended or taken, and what that should be, it is essential to understand the NHS situation: How many NHS organisations need to put extended support in place? How many servers need extended support? How long will support will be required for before you have migrated? We also and to understand the scale of cost associated with purchasing the extended support. We would also like to get your views on what should be done and why.

If your organisation needs to put extended support for Windows 2008 Server in place, and you want to work together with NHS colleagues and ourselves to get the best value arrangements in place for this, please take just a few minutes to complete this short survey.

What Happens Next

Thank you for your input.

We will get back to the individuals nominated in this survey response with an update on next steps in due course.


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