Consultation on proposed scope change to ECDS to include Same Day Emergency Care (SDEC) - For Acute Trusts V1.0

Closed 22 Aug 2019

Opened 26 Jul 2019


ECDS (CDS version 6.2.2 Type 011) is the national data set for urgent and emergency care. It was developed in 2017 to collect national data to help better understand how and why people attend type 01, 02, 03 and 04 emergency care departments to enable improved care and help inform decisions to reduce pressure for staff.  

The NHS Long Term Plan 2019 seeks to extend the scope of ECDS into Type 05 Same Day Emergency Care (SDEC) settings. The relevant extracts are below:

  • 1.30. Under this Long Term Plan, every acute hospital with a type 1 A&E department will move to a comprehensive model of Same Day Emergency Care.
  • 1.33. The new ECDS is enabling us to better understand the needs of patients accessing A&E departments. We will embed this into ... SDEC services from 2020. 

More information on ECDS and the SDEC Programme can be found in the 'Related' section below. 

Why your views matter

As part of the assurance and approval process to extend the scope of ECDS into SDEC settings we are seeking feedback on:

  • The impact of implementing ECDS in your SDEC settings
  • The suitability of ECDS for recording SDEC activity

The SDEC programme has already engaged extensively with stakeholders regarding the operational changes involved in implementing the SDEC model of care. This consultation is concerned specifically with the implementation of ECDS in SDEC settings and is aimed primarily at acute trusts which have a type 01 A&E department.

We are seeking to ensure that those people with either an operational or strategic interest in the ECDS and/or SDEC have an opportunity to influence the Impact Assessment and the Implementation Approach.  If you would like to take part, please complete the questionnaire as an individual or on behalf of your department or organisation.

To get a broad view of the impact of the proposed change the questions range across departments so you may not be able to answer all the questions.  If this is the case, please pass the survey link on to other individuals / departments within your Trust.  

Before answering the questions please familiarise yourself with the information in the 'Related' section below. 

What happens next

Information obtained from the survey will inform the Impact Assessment to be produced by NHS Digital and which will be considered by the Data Coordination Board (DCB). 


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