Maternity Services Data Set, Version 2.0

Closed 10 May 2018

Opened 12 Apr 2018


The Maternity Services Data Set (MSDS) applies to, and is used by, a wide range of stakeholders. The content of the data set is determined from consultation with these stakeholders, including the Department of Health and Social Care, NHS England, Care Quality Commission, service providers and commissioners.

This release of the MSDS (v2.0) represents a significant change to the existing structure of the MSDS (v1.5) and brings the MSDS into line with the core structures of other national data sets managed by NHS Digital, including the Community Services Data Set (CSDS) and the Mental Health Services Data Set (MHSDS).

In summary, the changes in Version 2.0 encompass:

  • Structural changes to the data set
  • Removal of paper-based records exemption
  • Introduction of clinical classifications and terminology, including SNOMED CT
  • Capture of more detailed diagnoses (using clinical terminology)
  • Updated payment requirements (using clinical terminology)
  • Capture of more detailed procedures, observations and findings (using clinical terminology)
  • Changes to the capture of smoking status
  • Capture of scored assessments during maternity care pathway (using clinical terminology)
  • Capture of data about the continuity of carer
  • Enabling of linkage to neonatal data
  • Capture of data about personalised care plans
  • Capture of intended and actual place of birth
  • Capture of data from existing data sets and collections, i.e. the CDS ‘maternity tail’ data set and other collections, to enable future retirement of overlapping collections
  • Conformance with additional NICE guidelines and quality standards.

A number of requirements have resulted from the National Maternity Review, which led to the publication of the Better Births report in February 2016. This report highlighted the need for maternity services in England to (a) become safer and more personalised and (b) provide better access to information for pregnant women.

The publication of Better Births resulted in the establishment of the Maternity Transformation Programme, and this updated version of the data set forms part of the ‘Sharing Data and Information’ workstream of that programme.

MSDS v2.0 will replace MSDS v1.5 (ref: ISB 1513), which was published in May 2014.

Why your views matter

As part of the application to obtain approval from the Data Coordination Board (DCB), we are asking for feedback on:

  • our proposals for MSDS Version 2.0
  • your experience of implementing or using MSDS Version 1.5.

Extensive engagement has already taken place, but we are asking any interested parties to participate and provide feedback before the final revision of Version 2.0 is produced.

Consultation feedback will be reported back to the DCB before publication of an Information Standards Notice (ISN) is agreed.

This consultation runs until 10 May 2018 and we are looking to submit our application to the July meeting of the DCB.

Please review the following documents before answering our consultation questions.

  • Draft Change Specification
  • Draft Technical Output Specification (TOS)
  • Draft Data Model

These are available in the Related Documents section below.

Maternity Services Data Set

More information about the MSDS can be found on our website at

The developer is the Data Set Development Service within NHS Digital.

Note: This consultation is aimed primarily at care providers, system suppliers and care commissioners. However it is public and therefore open to all people with an interest in maternity services. If you fall into this category, the questions on Page 6 have been designed for you; however you are welcome to review/answer any other questions.

If you prefer to submit a Word version of your response, a copy of the questions has been made available below. On completion, please email to All other enquiries about this consultation should be directed to (ref MSDS consultation in the subject line).

What happens next

Your feedback will be used to inform the next version of the Maternity Services Data Set prior to its submission to the Data Coordination Board. Publication of an Information Standards Notice is currently scheduled for August 2018 with implementation of the changes starting shortly after, for full conformance by April 2019.


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