Pelvic Floor Registry

Closed 12 Sep 2021

Opened 12 Aug 2021


Welcome to the public consultation for the Pelvic Floor Registry

Prior to answering the questions, we recommend that you read the below page and refer to the links referenced.

What is the Pelvic Floor Registry?

The Pelvic Floor Registry (part of the Surgical Devices and Implants Information system) is being developed under the Surgical Devices and Implants Direction

It is designed to collect historic and current surgical device and implant data directly from NHS and private healthcare providers in the UK. 

It will focus on pelvic floor procedures, including the use of surgical mesh and comparable treatments

What data is being requested from providers?

Content of the data to be collected (known as the data set) is found in the Surgical Devices and Implants Technical Specification available on the NHS Digital Website.  

Data categories covered include:

  • provider, patient and operation details
  • medical devices details
  • clinical details
  • pelvic floor surgery details

The data set has been developed by working with subject matter experts, providers, clinicians and other stakeholders.

How is the system being developed?

We have been running pilots with providers, to gather clinical and technical insight, which is helping to refine the system in live service. Pilots have been undertaken in England and are scheduled for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland from summer 2021 onwards, under section 255 of the Health and Social Care Act 2012

Scotland's pilot is scheduled to start in August, pending agreement on information governance by all participating trusts.

Learning from the pilots and implementation of this Pelvic Floor Registry and associated information system will support the future development of a UK-wide Medical Devices Information System (MDIS). The MDIS is dependent on regulations being introduced under the Medicine and Medical Devices Act.

Where can I find more details on this work?

More information is available on the NHS Digital Website National Perioperative Data Standard Programme.

How will completing this survey help?

Completing this consultation survey will provide further insight on different aspects of the Pelvic Floor Registry including the:

- benefits of the data collection 
- data to be collected
- frequency of data submission
- risks and challenges to implementing the data collection


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