GP Connect End User Organisation Declaration

Closes 11 Mar 2020

Opened 11 Mar 2019


What is the EUOD and who is this online form for?

This form is the End User Organisation Declaration (‘Declaration’) and is part of the NHS Digital Onboarding Process for GP Connect. It is for the End User Organisation, or Commissioning Organisation, that is preparing to introduce a Supplier’s Product that will provide access to GP Connect.

  • The End User Organisation (EUO) is an organisation that will be using GP Connect to facilitate or support the provision of Direct Care
  • A Commissioning Organisation (CO) is the lead End User Organisation or a commissioning organisation (e.g. on behalf of multiple individual health and care organisations or professionals), that will lead the implementation of GP Connect on behalf of other End User Organisations.  
  • A 'Supplier' is a company or other developer of a system(referred to as the 'Product') that will interface with GP Connect.
  • Note:  If an EUO is developing a solution in-house, the organisation has responsibilities as both a Supplier and EUO, and must follow additional onboarding steps e.g. completion of the Supplier Conformance Assessment List (SCAL) that is explained on page 4 of the Declaration.
  • 'Onboarding' refers to the NHS Digital process of granting access to NHS Digital Services and covers EUOs, Suppliers and their Products.

What is the purpose and format of the Declaration?

The form comprises questions about the organisation that is completing the Declaration and also statements around conformance to NHS Digital requirements.
Once submitted the Declaration and End User Organisation Terms forms part of the agreement between NHS Digital and the EUO(s).

This form:

  • Must be completed by an individual with the (delegated) authority to make the required declarations on behalf of their organisation and the EUOs.
  • Asks for confirmation that all End User Organisations comply with, and/or have acted upon, specified organisational, clinical, IG and security requirements.
  • Requires confirmation of conformance with, specified NHS Digital and national policy, standards and legislation.
  • Asks for confirmation that assurance of the Supplier’s Product and implementation has been completed locally by the Commissioning Organisation or End User Organisations.


In order to complete the End User Organisation Declaration the following pre-requisites must be in place.  Please review these and if you do not meet them, or need further information, please see the links provided or contact

  • An ODS code is needed for every EUO using GP Connect. You can check if your organisation already has a code registered by using the ODS Portal.
  • All EUOs must have a secure network e.g. HSCN Connection (and a signed HSCN Connection Agreement).
  • All  EUOs must adhere to the national Clinical Safety Standards
  • EUOs must be compliant with the Data Protection Act 2018 and the General Data Protection Regulation by ensuring:
    • Appropriate Data Sharing Agreements are in place between all those in a Sharing Group.
    • All Controllers have Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA) are in place.
    • All Controllers have their Privacy Information up to date.
    • End User Organisations must have submitted a submit a ‘Standards Met’ Data Security and Protection Toolkit (DSPT) in the last financial year
  • The organisation completing the Declaration has received the Supplier Conformance Assessment List (SCAL) from the Supplier (or completed a SCAL if they are also the 'Supplier') and agreed the contents. Where applicable this must be agreed on behalf of all in-scope EUOs.

Failure to fulfil these prerequisites prior to completing the Declaration will result in the delay in implementing GP Connect.


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