Accessible Information

Closed 21 Feb 2014

Opened 3 Dec 2013

Results updated 3 Oct 2016

This consultation closed on 21 February 2014; thank you for your feedback.

A consultation report, which covers all of the consultation activity during the development of the Accessible Information standard, is available as a PDF document.

The report is also available in different formats on the NHS England website.


This consultation is now closed. Please see the Results section at the bottom of this page.

NHS England is developing an information standard aimed at ensuring that disabled patients, service users and carers receive information from health and social care organisations in formats that they can understand, and that they receive appropriate support to communicate, which may include advocacy. More information, including details of ways for people to get involved, is available at

Following approval by the Information Standards Board for Health and Social Care (ISB) of the proposed information standard at Requirement stage, NHS England has opened public consultation and HSCIC is pleased to promote this consultation.

Why your views matter

Three online surveys have been published to obtain thoughts and feedback from different audiences about communication needs and preferences. These are for:

  • patients
  • voluntary organisations and patient groups
  • staff working in health and care organisations.

Please take the time to input your views via the survey which is most relevant to you, as it is important that this project is shaped by people who have an interest in it.

Please also share with your contacts and networks, as we are keen to encourage as many people as possible to have their say.

More information about the development of the standard and access to all 3 surveys can be accessed via the link below. Access is also provided to each individual survey on the NHS England consultation platform.


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  • All Users


  • Informatics
  • Patient Experience