SCR role for smartcard - request form

Closes 29 Feb 2024

Opened 24 Mar 2017


Only Pharmacists or Technicians who are fully registered with the GPhC can apply for SCR access as a Pharmacist or Technicians.

Please do not apply if you are a pre-registered Pharmacist. Pre-registered Pharmacist or Trainee technicians are not eligible to apply for SCR access. If you need any further help contact

Please avoid making duplicate applications some. RA's are extremely busy due to COVID - 19 Presures. If you wish to chase up previous appllcations contact the team. 

You must share you CPPE qualification details on the CPPE website so that we can check you qualification. Do not complete this form until you have shared your CPPE qualification. 

If you have not shared your details on the CPPE website please log into your account and go to your preference page, then tick the box to allow your data to be shared with the Registration Authority.

Community Pharmacy Branches:

If you already have SCR enabled on your smartcard you DO NOT need to complete this form. For changes to your smartcard please contact your local RA.

Pharmacist with the short-notice 5F (Locum) Code:

If you already have the 5F (FFFFF) organisational code for short-notice working at various pharmacies and wish to upgrade this to include SCR access please continue with the form.

If you request Locum access you will need to tell us the CGG you work in. This is so that we can direct your application to the correct Registering Agent. Use this link to find the name of your CCG.

Pharmacist without the short-notice 5F (Locum) Code:

If you do not have the 5F code and wish to work at pharmacies at short-notice where it is impractical for access to be assigned prior to attendance, then please contact your local RA with a suitable business case.

Help and assistance

If you require further assistance please contact your local Registration Authority (RA).  Details in link below (please note this takes you to another site).


SCR Role Request


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