Summary Care Record New Interest Form

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Closes 1 Oct 2021

SCR new interest form

Privacy statement

In order for the Summary Care Records team to contact you regarding your interest, we will need your personal contact details.

The contact details you submit on this form will not be shared with any other 3rd party and used soley for the purpose of contacting you regarding your organistion's interest in using Summary Care Records.


Your details
1. Your name
2. Email address

If you enter your email address then you will automatically receive an acknowledgement email when you submit your response.

3. Job title
4. Telephone number
Your organisation
5. Organisation name
To answer the next question you will need your Organisation's ODS code. ODS codes can be found using this link
6. ODS code
7. Organisation type (eg. Trust/CCG/private provider)
8. Web page address
9. Care setting e.g. Mental Health, GP Out of Hours or Care Homes
Supporting information
10. Describe your use case, what you will use SCR for?
11. What is your preferred method of access to SCR?
12. If you are a private sector provider are you a member of any of the following?
13. If you answered "Other" to the above question please specify.
To answer the next quesion you may need information on Personal Demographics Service (PDS). Please use the following link for information on PDS.
14. Does your organisation have access to PDS?
15. Does your organisation currently use Smartcards?
16. Does your organisation have an HSCN connection?
17. Do you have any other supporting information?

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