National Data Guardian - Survey on information sharing to support direct care

Closes 31 Jan 2020

Opened 23 Dec 2019



The National Data Guardian (NDG) role is to help ensure that health and care information is used securely and appropriately. The NDG priorities consultation run in early 2019 found strong support for her to do more to encourage information sharing to support direct (individual) care, so that health and care professionals can share patient information between themselves to support a person’s individual care[1].

Consultation respondents supported the proposal that the NDG should work with bodies leading on professional education and training to ensure that those working within the health and care system are equipped to handle and share data with confidence. Respondents called on the NDG to work with others to embed information governance training into professional training and development. This led the NDG to set one of her three priorities to be: Encouraging information sharing for individual care. The NDG will ensure that any action she takes is complementary to work being undertaken by other organisations. She intends to work with professional training and education bodies to encourage them to address the challenges care professionals seem to have with sharing information to support direct care. 

[1] Understanding Patient Data has produced a quick-guide about how health data is used, which you might find useful if you are unsure about any the terms used in this survey.

Why We Are Consulting

Survey aims

We are asking you to complete this exploratory survey to help the NDG:

  • Better understand the perceived barriers to information sharing between health and care professionals to support direct (individual) care
  • Determine how best the NDG could encourage information sharing to support direct care
    • Through advice that the NDG might give to the health and care system
    • By encouraging and supporting professional education, training and standards bodies to develop simple, consistent advice
    • By supporting better access for patients to their health and care information.

Please note that NHS Digital has supported the NDG by providing use of its survey tool, hence the NHS Digital branding above. However, the survey is being run for NDG purposes and the analysis of responses will be undertaken by members of the NDG team.

Survey results will be shared with the Faculty of Clinical Informatics to be incorporated into their Core Competencies Project and the UK Caldicott Guardian Council to support senior clinical informaticians in their key information sharing roles within the health and care system.

Consultation - your responses


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