ODS ICS Discovery - Use of 'place'

Closed 13 Sep 2022

Opened 27 May 2022


This survey should take you less than 10 minutes to complete.

The Health and Care Act (2022) formally implements Integrated Care Systems (ICSs), each with an Integrated Care Board (ICB) with responsibility for NHS functions and budgets. 

July 2022 will see an agreed set of ‘low impact’ changes made to Organisation Data Services (ODS) codes and data to comply with the introduction of integrated care systems.  This will be the start of a transition period to allow time to fully assess the needs of organisations and establish the full extent of the changes that need to be made to ensure our digital systems and services continue to run smoothly.

We anticipate that there will be significant changes to ODS codes to be implemented in a second phase. To assess what these changes might be, we are running a series of articles on key topics relating to the Act in our newsletter and seeking your input here.

We would like to understand how each ICB intends to organise and operate in some key areas to define the changes needed.

Why your views matter

ODS codes are unique identifiers, supplemented with other key data, assigned to organisations in the health and social care system in England. They are used in almost every IT system across the NHS and underpin day to day operations, patient pathways, financial transactions, reporting, analysis and planning (see diagram).

Our understanding of how this data is used needs to be more comprehensive and so your input is essential for us to understand the specific requirements of your ICB and to ensure that the changes we make help to deliver your services.

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What happens next

This is the one in a series of short questionnaires we will be running to build up our understanding of how systems and ICBs will operate and how ODS data is used.  Your input will be analysed and will eventually be summarised into the changes needed to ODS data. This will be published as a Change Summary, currently targeted for December 2022. In the meantime, the team may get in touch with you to get more details to aid the analysis.


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