ROCR Consultation on a proposed survey: Tax Arrangements of Senior Public Appointments

Closed 15 May 2013

Opened 3 May 2013

Feedback Updated 31 May 2013

We Asked

Consultation on a collection by the Department of Health on behalf of Her Majestys Treasury on the implementation in the NHS of their Review of the tax arrangements of senior public sector appointments. The H&SCIC facilitated a survey of the NHS last year to inform this Review. We need to ask the following questions: How many off-payroll engagements for those earning more than £220 per day for longer than 6 months since 23 August 2012? Of those, how many were: (a) Chief Executives (b) Executive directors (c) Chairs (d) Non-executive directors? How many for whom assurance as to their tax obligations has been sought? How many have successfully provided assurance? What action has been taken against those who have not provided assurance: Please provide numbers where: (a) contract has been terminated (b) contract has not been renewed (c) referred to HMRC

You Said

There were no concerns raised about this collection. One response indicated that the time it will actually take NHS Trusts to complete this one off data return will be less than estimated time burden provided by the collection owner.

We Did

As no concerns were raised we approved the collection with no changes.


Consultation Overview text

To ROCR Consultation Panel

The Review of Central Returns team (ROCR) are evaluating an application to collect data for Tax Arrangements of Senior Public Appointments

Below are details that have been submitted to ROCR to be considered for approval. We would like to invite you to let us know your views on this collection through spending a few minutes completing a simple feedback form.

  • The supporting documents are attached at the bottom of this page.
  • To complete the feedback form please click on the “online survey” link below.
  • On the feedback form all fields can be completed or, to simply submit a comment, please complete question 8 only

This information will help us to make a recommendation to Minister as whether to approve this collection and if so the terms of the licence issued for the proposal, and to provide accurate information as to the overall burden that will be imposed upon the NHS as a result of this data collection.

All responses from Trusts will be passed to the sponsor in an anonymised format.

Please Note:

  • This email can be forwarded to other colleagues within your own organisation or to another healthcare organisation who you feel would like to provide comments.
  • If you have any problems with this consultation please do let the ROCR team know.


What Happens Next

Thank you to all respondents the feedback received will be passed to the collection owner for a response and will be used in formulating our response.


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