Communications from SCCI

Closed 22 Aug 2014

Opened 28 Jul 2014

Results expected 5 Sep 2014

Feedback expected 5 Sep 2014


HSCIC provides a number of services on behalf of the Standardisation Committee for Care Information (SCCI), the entity that has assumed responsibility for the national governance of information standards and collections (including extractions) (ISCEs).

We want to understand the communications needs of our users, so that we can ensure the quality and effectiveness of the communication products we are developing to inform the standards community of SCCI activity.

This consultation covers:

  • the issue of Information Standards Notices (ISNs)
  • how we publish ISNs and related documents
  • information about SCCI - its work, its terms of reference, its meetings
  • the development of ISCEs
  • the use of ISCEs.

We have put together a short survey and we would be grateful if you could complete as fully as possible. We will use your feedback to make sure that what we communicate is appropriate and timely, to inform your work and other activity in relation to ISCES.



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