SCCI2210 De-Identification Data Items

Closed 9 Dec 2016

Opened 11 Nov 2016

Results Updated 23 Feb 2017

The responses to this consultation have been fundamental to the development of the proposed 'De-Identification Data Items' information standard and revealed that the guidance needed to be much more explicit in key areas of the information standard.

In general, the feedback was supportive of the proposals and supported that the data items were necessary and sufficient for the described purpose.

The developers acknowledge that comprehension of purpose, scope, implementation timescale, compliance with information governance requirements and inclusion rules according to record sensitivity, NHS Number availability and NHS Number verification status needed to be improved.

More detailed changes to the proposal as a result of the consultation include:

  • Changing the title of the information standard, to emphasise that the data items were about improving the quality of de-identified data, not sharing identifiers externally;
  • Improving the descriptions of the data items;
  • Identifying that the DIDI information standard can only apply to national flows;
  • Improving the categories of the DIDI to explain how they will create better data, appropriately anonymised, for commissioners for all care settings

Further information can be found in the consultation report, available below.



The Standardisation Committee for Care Information (SCCI) has received a request for a new information standard which will ensure that all in-scope patient-level data sets contain sufficient data to:

  • support the de-identification of patients
  • provide data for analytical purposes where identities cannot be shared.

As part of the development and assurance process, this consultation seeks feedback on the proposal.

The request is being assessed on a two-stage basis, with the Requirement Stage being considered at the SCCI meeting in November 2016 and the Full Technical Regulation being considered at the SCCI meeting in February 2017. This consultation runs from 11 November 2016 to 9 December 2016.

Consultation feedback will be included in the submission to SCCI for its meeting in February 2017.

Why We Are Consulting

This requirement is aligned to the National Information Board (NIB) Domain H (Data Outcomes for Research and Oversight). It is designed to ensure that innovative uses of data for commissioning activities can be properly maintained and supported once data is moved to NHS Digital's Data Services Platform and the various information governance (IG) controls become operational.

More detail on the purpose, background and scope of this information standard can be found in the Consultation Summary Document (see below). Please review this document before answering our questions.

Our consultation has been designed to:

  • test understanding of  the requirement and the reasons for it
  • seek opinions on whether the requirement will deliver the intended outcomes
  • seek feedback on specific technical elements of the proposed standard
  • assess the impact of implementing the proposed standard and specifically whether current data provider collection and extraction systems will need to be modified
  • seek feedback on the proposed implementation strategy
  • seek views on how implementation should be supported.


What Happens Next

This consultation has now closed. Feedback will be used to inform development of the information standard prior to submission to SCCI. Information about the progress of development can be found on the SCCI development website:




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