Assuring Transformation Data Collection Version 3.0

Closed 27 Sep 2020

Opened 8 Sep 2020


The Learning Disability & Autism programme at NHS England and NHS Improvement uses the Assuring Transformation (AT) data collection as the definitive source of information on inpatient numbers and activity.

In January 2019 the NHS published its Long Term Plan for the NHS, setting out what would be delivered for patients over the next 5-10 years and the improvements that can be expected in services. The Long Term Plan included a number of new commitments around the care of patients with a learning disability, autism or both. In order to support these commitments we, NHS England and NHS Improvement, need to collect some additional data from commissioners through the AT data collection. At the same time we have taken the opportunity to review the current data collected through AT and to update existing questions where required.

We need to know your opinions on these changes and how long you think these changes will take, so we can plan accordingly.

In summary, the changes in Version 3.0 encompass:

  • New questions to: better report progress against the NHS Long Term Plan; understand the patient cohort and improve services for inpatients.  This includes the following areas:
    • restrictive interventions (until this data is of sufficient quality in the Mental Health Services Data Set)
    • eligibility for Care, (Education) and Treatment Reviews
    • Position on 12-point Discharge Plan
    • Reasonable Adjustment flags in care records
    • Commissioner Oversight Visits
    • reasons for Out of Area Placements
    • date of diagnoses
    • Dynamic Risk Register prior to admission
    • Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP)
    • named key workers
    • ward status.
  • New questions to capture more detailed information in the following areas:
    • patient diagnoses
    • support for inpatients
    • reason for admission
    • reasons for not using an advocate
    • outcomes of most recent Care and Treatment Reviews
    • details of patient’s care plan
    • where patient is transferring to
    • reasons given for planned transfer of care not having an agreed date.
  • Amendment of some data items to better reflect activity for inpatients, and to improve data accuracy and completeness.
  • Amendment of some data items to better align Assuring Transformation with the Mental Health Services Data Set (MHSDS), in order to eliminate some data items in Assuring Transformation in the future once data capture in the MHSDS is of sufficient quality and completeness.
  • Writing out acronyms in full for improved accessibility.

Assuring Transformation v3.0 will replace Assuring Transformation v2.0 (ref: SCCI2007: Assuring Transformation), which was published in November 2015.

Why your views matter

As part of the application to obtain approval from the Data Coordination Board (DCB), we are asking for feedback on:

  • our proposals for Assuring Transformation v3.0
  • your anticipated timeframes for incorporating these changes.

Extensive engagement has taken place internally, and we are asking any interested parties to participate and provide feedback before Version 3.0 is produced.

Consultation feedback will be reported back to the DCB before publication of an Information Standards Notice (ISN) is agreed.

This consultation was due to close on 20th September but is now open until 27th September 2020; we are looking to submit our application to the November meeting of the DCB.

Please review the following document before answering our consultation questions: Proposed changes to the Assuring Transformation data collection

More information about the AT data collection can be found on our website at:

The developer is the Data Set Development Service within NHS Digital.

Note: This consultation is aimed primarily at commissioners (CCGs, NHS England specialised commissioners and Provider Collaboratives). However, it is public and therefore open to all people with an interest in this area. If you fall into this category, you are welcome to review/answer any questions.

If you prefer to submit a Word version of your response, please email your response to All other enquiries about this consultation should be directed to (ref AT Consultation in the subject line).


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