National Contract Reporting Specifications for Commissioners

Closed 9 Feb 2018

Opened 21 Dec 2017


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In order to monitor success and effectiveness, providers are required through the NHS Standard Contract to submit relevant data to commissioners to support the commissioning process and financial billing. Currently for NHS England-commissioned services this data - for Aggregate Contract Monitoring and its associated data sets - is specified in various documents available on the NHS England website here:

NHS England has included these specifications within provider information schedules for the last two financial years and while there has been a high level of convergence, the intention is to now adopt the specifications as a standard for the entire commissioning environment. The introduction of standard file formats will enable the interchange, in a uniform and consistent format, of monthly aggregate contract monitoring.

The production and receipt of uniform contract monitoring data will allow more efficient data processing at both providers and commissioners alike, together with improved and more timely invoice validation.


Why your views matter

This consultation is being undertaken as part of the process to obtain approval from the Data Coordination Board and subsequent publication as an information standard under section 250 of the Health and Social Care Act 2012.

We want to obtain feedback to ensure all issues which could block the use of standard file formats have been identified and overcome. In addition, some changes to the current data sets are being proposed and this consultation will provide evidence to support their successful implementation.

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If you would like to see the questions in advance of opening the survey, there is a Word version in the Related section below. You are welcome to use this version if you would prefer to submit your responses by email (as above).


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