SNOMED CT - Publication of Subset Members

Closes 14 Oct 2019

Opened 11 Sep 2019


This consultation is designed to obtain feedback from SNOMED CT users with experience of using the set of products known as the "SNOMED CT subset members in spreadsheet view".

Publishing subsets in spreadsheet format (listed as ‘human-readable’ view) was first delivered when there was no other means to quickly and easily view the members of a subset. At the time, the only way to do this was to download the full release, extract the subsets into a database and join with the descriptions table to obtain the preferred term and fully specified name.

It is now possible to view members of a subset using, for example. the NHS Digital browser. However, we are aware there is currently no mechanism to download the members of a subset and if this is needed, for example for a pick-list in a template, this would have to be done by copying and pasting the details of each concept in the subset from the browser.

Since the Release Format 1 (RF1) files are no longer part of the SNOMED CT standard, it is no longer possible to produce the spreadsheets with all the current data items as some came exclusively from the RF1 release. The introduction of new tooling, now that the service only needs to author SNOMED CT, means that the NHS Digital terminology service no longer produces RF1 files. Some of the data items currently in the spreadsheet are therefore problematic to continue to provide.

Why We Are Consulting

This consultation is to understand the use made of the ‘SNOMED CT Subset members in spreadsheet view’, to find out if the products are still required and if they are, which data items are used.

We will use your feedback to understand the impact on the NHS if we decide to discontinue these products. We also want to understand whether an alternative would be to change the data items in the spreadsheet to enable us to continue to supply you with the products. Note that it is not possible to continue to produce these to the current specification, therefore some form of change has to be implemented.

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