Proposed File Changes to the UK Edition of SNOMED CT

Closed 31 Jul 2014

Opened 1 Jul 2014


As part of our product review process we have identified some technical changes to the files we distribute as part of the release of the UK Edition of SNOMED CT that we feel would be advantageous to implement.

This consultation details the proposed changes, and in some cases proposes a number of options that could be taken and asks you to indicate your preferred option.

The consultation considers two main changes:

  1. To the filenames of those subsets/refsets that are distributed as status draft
  2. To the content of the RF1 release files and some of the additional RF1 resources


Why your views matter

Before implementing these changes we wish to consult with those who currently process the release files to understand the likely impact on suppliers of the proposed changes. We want to ensure these will not cause any disruption to existing products that have been deployed.

As part of the transition to release files 2 (RF2) the IHTSDO and UKTC are looking at aspects of the RF1 release that are believed to be no longer required by suppliers to provide effective implementations of SNOMED CT. Making these changes will improve the speed and efficiency of producing the RF1 release while suppliers can factor into their development schedule changes to enable them to utilise RF2. These aspects are the focus of Section 3 of the consultation. The proposals are provided along with a rationale.

Who do we wish to Consult

We wish to consult with any organisation or individual who downloads the release files of the UK Edition of SNOMED CT in either release format 1 (RF1) or release format 2 (RF2) and uses these in live deployments.

If you would rather read the consultation off line first please refer to the Word version below.


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