UK Terminology Centre (UKTC) Request Submission Portal Survey

Closed 15 Mar 2015

Opened 9 Feb 2015

Feedback Updated 4 Oct 2016

We Asked

From 9 February to 15 March 2015, the HSCIC Clinical Terminology Service undertook a consultation in respect of the Request Submission Portal (RSP) which was designed to assess the level of customer satisfaction and to inform future service improvement plans. The Clinical Terminology Service would like to thank all respondents who took part in the consultation. 

You Said

  1. Development Requirements

Our analysis of responses on the use of the tool and its usability identified no significant issues that would require new requirements for future tool development.

  1. Knowledge of the end to end process

Respondents indicated a lack of knowledge of the end to end process, including when the terminology is ready to be used by the healthcare provider system. Any work that can be done to improve the transparency of this process will ultimately lead to an increase in customer satisfaction.

  1. Single point of contact

There was a view that it will be useful to have a point of contact outside of the Request Submission Portal to discuss requests. This is not a preferred method of engagement with the request process as it can lead to requests not being logged and performance monitored. The existing mechanised system ensures that all approaches are logged and that consequently appropriate follow-up action is taken.

  1. Conduct annual consultations

To ensure the recommendations implemented are achieving the desired effect of increasing customer satisfaction, annual RSP Consultations should be conducted.

  1. Customer Email Notifications

Respondents indicated a lack of clarity in email notifications when logging new requests or the status of an existing request changes. This is a mechanism used to indicate the next steps in the progression of the request.

We Did

In response to the feedback received, some improvements have been made to the RSP and to the transparency of the request process.

  1. Development Requirements

Action: Existing methods will continue to be used to develop the Request Submission Portal to ensure it continues to meet the needs of the customer

  1. Knowledge of the end to end process

Action: Determine what can be done to improve customer knowledge around the management of a request (link to Website with useful documentation supplemented by a one page guidance document)

  1.  Single point of contact

Action: Currently there is a “Contact” section which provides details of the HSCIC Information Standards Service Desk which provides customers with a single point of contact. Terminologists will contact users directly if required via the clarification process using the portal to maintain an audit trail.

  1. Conduct annual consultations

Action: The procedure implemented to conduct this consultation should be documented and used for future consultations.

  1. Customer Email Notifications

Action: The requirements were add to the development process and improvements to email notifications introduced as part of the Release 3.9 of the Request Submission Portal (RSP).

The formal consultation report includes all our recommendations.

Results Updated 4 Oct 2016

This consultation closed on 15 March 2015; thank you for your feedback.

A consultation report was published in August 2015 and can be viewed via the link below.




This consultation is now closed. Please see the Results section at the bottom of this page.

The UK Terminology Centre Request Submission Portal (RSP) allows registered users to submit change requests for SNOMED CT, the National Interim Clinical Imaging Procedure (NICIP) code set and Read (v2 and Clinical Terms V3).

For Read change requests, this replaced the myCodeplace request mechanism with effect from 12th September 2014.

Please note that, in line with the NHS strategic framework for a single terminology of SNOMED CT to enable the transfer and sharing of patient data, Read v2 will no longer be updated after the April 2016 release. SNOMED CT should be the terminology in use in primary care from 1st January 2017 and Read v3 will no longer be updated after the April 2018 release.

The UKTC aims to constantly improve customer satisfaction in relation to its services and products and would, therefore, like to ask you to complete this survey. The consultation is designed to assess various aspects of the Request Submission Portal, including how easy you find it to use and whether you have any recommendations for future developments.

The survey can be completed anonymously but, if you provide your contact details, you will receive feedback on your suggestions in due course.


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